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PutsReq lets you record HTTP requests and simulate responses like no other tool available. Try it now!

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Record the requests sent or received

Change your target URL to a PutsReq URL, then you will be able to inspect all headers and body being sent. You can also debug callbacks from external services by configuring a PutsReq URL instead of your Webhook URL.

Simulate responses

PutsReq is the easiest way to simulate/stub HTTP responses. You can define the response status, headers and body with JavaScript using the Response Builder. If you don't want to test against the real API, but you know how to simulate (mock) the response, you can do that using a Response Builder.

Some use cases:

  • Get the real response once then create a Response Builder simulating it and use PutsReq for the next calls.
  • Use PutsReq for your integration tests to verify if your application is making the HTTP requests as expected by checking the last recorded request.
  • To benchmark by checking the First and Last request timestamps, or by checking the numbers of requests made within a period.

Requests Recorded: 7388576

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